[SSW for India] Download about Textbooks of Exams of Evaluation Exams

Can work in Japan after passing two exams.

To apply for specific skill workers, you must pass the following two tests.

1. JFT- Basic A2

  *If you have a certificate of JLPT N4 or higher, you are not required to take the exam

2.  Skill evaluation tests for each industrial field

  *For the specified skill “nursing care”, it is also necessary to pass the “Japanese Language Test for Nursing Care”
            (can be taken at the same time as the skill evaluation test).

How to pass the Exam?

Most applicants pass both exams if you study in the textbook for the exams.
So, we provide the exam-passing textbook free of charge.

If you want any textbook, please register the form below.
After registering, you can have the download page for your demands.

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