Nishihara Shokai Seminar May 18th and June 1st

The online seminars on Nishihara Shokai’s recruitment in Europe will be held on May 18th (Sat) and June 1st (Sat), 2024.
This is a seminar that explains in more detail, such as the details of company and condition of working. Also showing the video message by Hungarian senior employees who joined the company in 2022.
We will also introduce you to the application method and selection process.

The seminar will be explained in Japanese, but we also provide support in English.
If you fill in the following items, we will send you the login information to participate in the online seminar.

Date & Time

Saturday, May 18, 9:00am-10:00am (GMT +2:00)
Saturday, June 1, 9:00am-10:00am (GMT +2:00)


・Report of the meeting of Hungarian Ambassador to Mr. Palanovics Norbert and Mr. Kazuyuki Nishihara, C.E.O
・Company introduction of Nishihara Shokai Co. Ltd.
・Introduction of employee work content
・Video message from a senior Hungarian employee
・Process from application to hiring
・Employment conditions and arrival in Japan (no cost burden)


The seminar will use zoom. You can log-in 30 minutes before the starting time.
If you enter from the following, we will send you the zoom ID and passcode by email.

Entry for seminar

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