Join ” Japan day” on Nov. 27 at HCMC

From this time, I initiate to describe my blog by English.
This blog has started from 2006 for Japanese user.
Some my Vietnamese friend and partner recommend to show by English.

So I have tried to start English version.

=== Hold a seminar on Nov. 27 at HCMC university of Technology ===

I have some experience to hold a seminar for Vietnamese.
Almost the theme of seminar is for IT business and business collaboration.

But in this time, it held for the employee who want to work in Japan.

I’ll show some condition and situation of working in Japan on based our
company’s experience.

As you know it’s very tough and hard to learn Japanese language, but now
some Japanese company want to hire potential talents with English speaker.

Moreover we have a booth for advice and interview for working in Japan at this event.

So I’d really appreciated it if you are interested and join this event.