HP, SUN, CISCO,,,Wanted a business partner of second-hands

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Thank you for your cooperation.
This is Yukihiko Takeda, General director, Astmilcorp Co., Ltd.
Now in Japan economic condition is returned usually fairly though
the influence of the huge earthquake. 
Otherwise I worry the currency of Vietnam has fallen during this
However, I’m very proud with Vietnamese people. That’s why they 
is advancing the business while enduring it. 

=====[ Deal of import business ]===================
   Second-hands Server and Network devices of after leasing
       HP, Sun Micro Systems, Cisco Systems….

Well, on this note, I’d like to introduce the import business from Japan.
This products are second-hands server and the networking products in
Japan so that I’d like to invite you to this business if you are interested.

In Japan, almost Japanese enterprises use the server and the net-
working device and products by the leasing contract. 

Almost leasing contract has during 2 or 3 years. Afterwards, these pro-
ducts are often abandoned.  There can be a lot of one of famous manu-
facturers such as Cisco Systems, HP, and Sun Micro Systems, and these
servers and networking gears be used still. 

This time, I’d like to recruit the business partner who wants to use, and
to sell these products in Vietnam and South Eastern Asia.  
Our business partner has a relationship with Japanese huge leasing and
financial enterprise, ORIX Corporation. 

English site  http://www.orix.co.jp/grp/en/

I’d really appreciated it if you are interested and your application. 

Mailto: ytakeda@astmil.com

Thank you for your reading to end.

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