Effect of huge earthquake

Last Friday, I prepared to have a meeting with our partner in my office.

Suddenly I felt a little vibration from my foot. It seemed a low level of vibration.

I guess “maybe level 3”.

However this vibration raised up and furnitures and desk in our office are intensely shook by this earthquake.
Therefore I had to get out my office without coat. 
This is my first time to feel the risk of death by earthquake.

Almost public traffics were out of order so that I had to return to my house by foot.
It took about 3 and half hour from Meguro station, where is set on the west side from Tokyo station, to Kawasaki city, where is neighbor of Tokyo, between Tokyo to Yokohama.

Many employee were walking belong the main road, Root 1st, with bags.
Public traffic is not in order so that much terrible traffic jam is caused.

After my long walking, I checked in my room, at the kitchen almost dishes and glasses made by ceramic and glass are broken

Also Nuclear’s power plants in Fukushima is stopped the operation.

Now we have to keep less to spend electricity and gas.

This limitation of using electricity will be continued until the end of April, TV caster said.

For the time being I have to endure this situation, at least I’m lucky than Tohoku’s people.