About application method

1 Record yourself video on smartphone

 · File formats are .mp4 (android), .mov (iOS), .wmv (Windows)

It is unnecessary to change the file name.    


Self-introduction video comment  (Please record in Japanese.)

1 Name · Age


2 Reasons for learning Japanese


3 Reasons why I would like to work in a Japanese hotel / inn


4 Have you worked in a hospitality industry or hotel industry?


5 How long do you want to work at a hotel / hotel in Japan


6 Goals in working in hotels and inns in Japan


7 Future dreams and goals


2 Upload Your Introduction Video

Register at cloud storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox , So on) 

Upload your introduction video  Save your URL of introduction video


1. Google Drive    https://drive.google.com

2. Drop Box       https://www.dropbox.com/  

3 Send Your Resume and Video URL

You can download the resume format.

Resume format
Microsoft Word 25.1 KB

Our format of the resume is in Japanese.  

Send your resume and URL of introduction video by e-mail 

Subject of e-mail is : [ University name, Faculty name, department name, name, age ]