Visiting to 2 universities in Moscow

For the request from our Russian partner, I have visited two universities in Moscow for internships and summer job programs in Japan, and the possibility of exchange program and short-term study with Japanese universities.

The first was a private university with over 20,000 students. It’s most huge in Moscow.
Although there are few students majoring in Japanese language, however they had any requirement to make a relationship with Japanese educational institutions.

Especially they are interested in Japanese culture, habit, manner, so I have proposed a short-term Japanese cultural experience program as study trip.



The second was also a private university belonged to humanity and economic.
It has established before Perestroika, have a long history.
I held a seminar on the Japanese labor market and status of residence for students and teachers and lecturers.

Although there are few students majoring in Japanese language at this university, I found some highly motivated, so I expected any participant for internships and summer jobs in Japan in near future.